Barnett Property Group  Investors 

Due to the varied nature in the size and length of our projects we are able to offer flexible terms of investment from small amounts, often to smaller private investors to much larger amounts that may attract more institutionalised investment. Whatever the term or amount, we will usually have a project that we can align to an investment. 

Fixed Interest Terms 

Typically terms are offered on a fixed interest basis and occasionally we will joint venture where there is proportional contribution (inc. work involved, financial input and risk) and return. 

Attractive Rates 

Such is the size of our portfolio, interest payments can be met on a monthly basis, however we will always offer a slightly more attractive rate where interest is rapped and paid on exit. 

Managed Investments  

We are extremely careful not to take on too many projects at any one time, not to over borrow, always align an investment to a project whilst at the same time ensure there is sufficient equity available elsewhere should the investor need to recall their investment early. Whilst we prefer to agree to a longer term investment that is aligned to a project, our flexible terms allow investors to recall their investment at short notice and have them repaid early. 

We keep our Investors Updated 

Investors are kept up to date on all our projects through an exclusive login page on this site where they will see diary updates and pictures at a granular level. We will also share more public facing information on our Facebook page and if investors require, we shall also provide monthly emails. Finally, we offer the option to all our investors to meet us on site and see progress for themselves. 

Reputation for Repayments  

Our experience working with investors commenced in 2012. During that time we have built a very proud record of never missing an interest payment and always repaying an investment back according to the agreement, irrespective of the performance or completion of the project. As a result we find investors tend to stay invested with us for the long term and often transfer their money from one project to another. If you are interested in investing with us, please feel free to get in contact and we can discuss the profile of your investment, and how we might align that to our projects. 
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