THURDSDAY 1st JUNE 2023  3-7pm  (drop in at any time) at Henry Sandon Hall  Royal Porcelain Works  Severn St, Worcester WR1 2NE 


About Barnett  Property Group LTD 

Established as Worcester Properties in 2008, Barnett Property Group is a privately owned, independent property company known for its innovative projects that enhance communities and redefine urban spaces with a strong commitment to quality, sustainability, and community engagement. 
Initially focused on student accommodation we soon progressed to the private rental sector, serviced accommodation and commercial property. In the last 10 years and in line with our sustainable approach to development, we've developed a niche of converting and restoring old derelict properties, usually listed and giving them a new lease of life by providing new homes for our tenants. 
Once developments are complete, rarely are our properties sold, we prefer to be engaged with the communities with which we have contributed toward for the long term. 

The Waterside and The Bonemill 

Barnett Property Group's proposed redevelopment of the Waterside Project breathes new life into the community while honoring the heritage of the Bonemill and surrounding buildings. With meticulous care, we intend to blend modern design with historical restoration, creating a vibrant space that celebrates the past and fosters a thriving future for all who call it home. 
The Bonemill in Worcester holds a significant place in the city's history. Originally built in the 18th century, it served as a crucial part of Worcester's industrial landscape. The mill played a pivotal role in the processing of animal bones, extracting valuable materials such as bone meal, glue, and fertilizer. 
During its prime, the Bonemill operated as a bustling hub of activity, with workers laboring to process and refine the bones brought in from nearby farms and slaughterhouses. The processed materials were then distributed for various applications, including agricultural use, manufacturing, and medicine. 
Over the years, the Bonemill witnessed the transformations brought about by the Industrial Revolution and the subsequent decline of the bone processing industry. Despite the changes, the mill's architectural and historical significance remained intact.  
With the communities help we would love to know your thoughts and opinions on the future of the proposed Waterside development and specifically, the potential use of The Bonemill, i.e. bar/restaurant/cafe, museum, co-working space, gym, community outside space (on the terrace).  
The kind of questions we will be asking are as follows: 
Waterside Development 
1. Are there any facilities you believe the community is lacking? 
2. Is there anything specific you would like to see as part of the new development? 
3. What is concerning you the most about the new development? 
4. Which green credentials would you like to see in the development? 
5. What use would you like to see for the Bonemill? 
6. Ignoring any specific use of The Bonemill, what attributes would you like us to consider? i.e. “it can be used by the community”, “heritage assets are preserved”, “it doesn’t cause a nuisance after hours” etc. 
So please join us at our upcoming event.  

Can't make the event, but want to have your say? 

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